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    Therapy for Millennials

    Millennials are anyone born between the years of 1981 to about 1996. At Ever Growth Counseling™, we believe Millennials are facing unique psychological challenges and require a unique approach as it relates to therapy.

    According to several studies, Millennials are known for being the ‘Burnout” generation yet most educated. The American Psychological Association reports that at least 57% of Millennials have reported symtptoms of anxiety and depression. Millennials are three times as likely to experience symtpoms of anxiety then baby boomers and Gen-Zers.

    Millennials have grown up in different times then baby boomers. They’ve witnessed the fall of the twin towers as a young person, graduated college during two major economic recessions, have accrued sky rocketing student loan debt and are the first generation to have grown up immersed in digital technology.

    Common issues for Millennials include;



    *Economic Uncertainty

    *Social Media Anxiety

    *Difficulty shutting off

    *Fear of making the wrong life choices

    *Lack of career advancement

    *Frustration with working a 9 to 5

    * Lack ofwork-life balance/Overworked 

    *Over Acheivement

    You dont need to be suffering from most of these symtpoms to be sufferring from anxiety or depression. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, feeling under pressure, unsupported, unfulfilled and uncertain about your life goals; you’re not alone. Ever Growth Counseling™ is here to help. We provide virtual teletherapy from the comfort of your home.

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