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    Therapy for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurship is an unorthodox road. Whether you’re a small business owner, creative or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, chances are you may sometimes feel heightened pressure, frustrated, depressed, lonely, stressed or anxious.

    Many Entrepreneurs often have a hard time shutting off and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

    Challenges include;

    *Disruption of sleep


    *Impostor Syndrome



    *Social Isolation

    *Strained relationships

    *Stress and Overwhelm

    *Worry or Fear


    Therapy for Entrepreneurs can help you with a multitude of problems; identify roadblocks, improve quality of relationships, strengthen self-esteem, improve communication, challenge negative thought patterns, create healthy habits. reduce stress and burnout.

    Collaborating with a therapist who specializes in working with Entrepreneurs can provide you with the tools needed to feel more in control, effective and function as your best self.

    If you feel some of your problems do not require therapy and would prefer coaching. I also provide coaching. Please visit my coaching page for more information and schedule a consultation.