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    Therapy for Young Professionals

    Are you a busy professional? Struggling with impostor syndrome, have difficulty saying “no”, experiencing a life crisis or day to day stressors? Perhaps you are a high achiever that struggles with asking for help or taking time for yourself?

    Busy professionals often experience symptoms related to anxiety and depressed mood. Some challenges include procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, loss of motivation, excessive worry, insomnia, changes in appetite, automatic negative thoughts, headaches, body aches, panic, racing thoughts, social isolation, tension in relationships, difficulty setting boundaries and maintaining a healthy work life balance.

    My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a fulfilling life. While you cannot change the difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. Utilizing a collaborative, strengths-based approach (Informed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and techniques, you will unearth long-standing behavioral patterns or negative perceptions that cause you distress.

    Benefits of Therapy for Professionals

    *Identify roadblocks

    *Process and heal past traumas

    *Challenge negative thought’s

    *Develop healthy coping skills

    *Change and create healthy habits

    *Improve communication skills

    *Improve confidence

    *Set boundaries

    *Strengthen relationships

    *Increased Motivation

    *Create a healthy work life balance

    If you are interested in Therapy for Professionals, please submit your information to request a consultation.